Building Physics

Acoustic isolation and first-class room acoustics

To isolate particularly susceptible components such as access balconies, stairways and landings from each other acoustically, and thus to minimise the footfall sound, components and system solutions that are matched to each other are required.

Using special transverse force connectors, with landings, for example, the reaction forces can be transferred into the wall using appropriate systems. The acoustically isolated support of the landing completely separates the component from other elements and thus prevents the spreading of sound waves in the load-bearing components. To prevent the spread of footfall sound between the landing and the stairways, there must also be an acoustic separation at this point. Today, this is achieved simply by the flexible use of stair bedding.

An important factor for acoustic protection is always that the various possibilities for sound insulation are only really efficient if there is complete separation of components and a coordinated overall concept.