With over 1.100 employees in twelve countries and more than 20,000 products, HALFEN is one of the most successful manufacturers of concrete anchoring, façade fixing and installation systems in the world. The company offers products and software of the highest quality as well as customised technical solutions via the engineers of its ES (Engineering Support) for all applications relating to precast concrete elements, commercial and residential construction as well as civil engineering, transportation and infrastructure buildings.

HALFEN - Burj Dubai

The brands HALFEN, DEHA and FRIMEDA are among the market leaders. Since its founding in 1929, the company has specialised in innovative, technologically advanced solutions that are tailored to the customer – with the most exacting demands on technology, quality and safety. HALFEN innovations have led the way in the industry, and continue to. The company aims to play a part in shaping progress in the future, too. With that in mind, it invests in research and working with universities.

As an international company, HALFEN is aware of its global and local social responsibility and meets this obligation actively. The company manufactures its products at two production sites in Germany (Langenfeld and Artern) and at a plant in Poland. HALFEN is represented by its national organisations in twelve countries; products are available via distributors in more than 35 countries.


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Actively shaping the future! That is the company’s primary maxim. With a user-oriented sales organisation, a strong and specialised engineering department, fast and flexible logistics and internationally available products, HALFEN has laid the basic foundations for that.

With its broad product portfolio, which includes the DETAN rod systems, the design possibilities offered by HALFEN are almost limitless.