Buildings are responsible of 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions of the European Union (See here). The most urgent concerns of landowners at the beginning of this century are minimizing energy consumption of new buildings and reducing energy waste of old ones through facades retrofit. Growing impacts of global warming in our daily lives make it urgent. Since the year 2010, FIXINOX primary focus has been the development of custom made solutions for facades cladding supports which minimize thermal bridging.

FIXINOX is a family owned company that employs nearly 50 professionals, it manufactures its products in Charleroi Belgium, mostly for the European market. The success of our young company relies on:

Choosing stainless steel as raw material for anchors design and manufacture. Stainless steel adds to the lowest thermal permeability, the best fire resistance among corrosion resistant metals available.

Using internal software for 3D thermal modelling. The thermal performances of the ventilated facades are checked according to the most up to date codes and standards.

Upon a team of talented young engineers internally educated. They are of French or Dutch mother language and all work in English when necessary.

While being watchful upon reducing thermal bridges on façade FIXINOX does not neglect other physical and market targets: Load calculations pertinent to dead load, wind, snow and seismic loads are implemented according to local regulations.

FIXINOX designs systems that can be easily installed under conditions representative of site environment. Since these conditions are full of surprises FIXINOX remains highly flexible in design process and items deliveries in order to meet the requirements.

FIXINOX is a new member of the ECS Association.

We are glad to announce that we had our membership approved by the ECS association.