Membership in the association is open to all companies in the field of fixing, reinforcing and façade systems, which meet the common requirements of the ECS and satisfy all the quality criteria.

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What once started as a regional wholesaler for construction products in 1991 has now developed to an internationally recognized company providing solutions for forward-looking construction on the construction site and at the precast concrete plant. BT innovation has customers in more than 70 countries all over the world, is well-established at international trade fairs, and is cooperating with trade partners in all essential markets.

The team – multidisciplinary, related to practice, and international

Several professional disciplines assemble in the international research and development team: ranging from the construction engineer to the chemist, physicist and electrical engineer through to the mechanical engineer. The large variety of know-how provides for new perspectives and brings new solutions to the market. The highskilled employees are anxious to keep identifying requirements and weak spots in the production process and on the construction site and developing new products for solving the same. The aim is to simplify and to accelerate working processes by means of high-quality products which are user friendly and efficient. In this process, the company makes also use of the competencies of testing institutes and universities of the its vast network. The large number of patents and certifications granted, but also all awards and prizes won for the products developed endorse the course pursued and are incentive to think about the future of construction and even further ahead.

Consulting for everyday practice, in an independent and competent manner

Aside from the three core competencies: sealing technology, joining technology, and magnet technology and shuttering, great importance is attached to consulting. As an independent and competent partner, BT innovation offers a wide variety of consulting services for the precast concrete industry. The range encompasses analysis, planning and realization of modern production plants. The company provides advice to precast concrete factories intending to expand their capacities purposefully or striving for a higher quality in their production, or offers advice and support in case of planned investments so as to avoid misdirected investments. The experienced staff members are specialists in the field of precast concrete production, have long-term, international practical experience and engineering expertise.







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Buildings are responsible of 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions of the European Union (See here). The most urgent concerns of landowners at the beginning of this century are minimizing energy consumption of new buildings and reducing energy waste of old ones through facades retrofit. Growing impacts of global warming in our daily lives make it urgent. Since the year 2010, FIXINOX primary focus has been the development of custom made solutions for facades cladding supports which minimize thermal bridging.

FIXINOX is a family owned company that employs nearly 50 professionals, it manufactures its products in Charleroi Belgium, mostly for the European market. The success of our young company relies on:

Choosing stainless steel as raw material for anchors design and manufacture. Stainless steel adds to the lowest thermal permeability, the best fire resistance among corrosion resistant metals available.

Using internal software for 3D thermal modelling. The thermal performances of the ventilated facades are checked according to the most up to date codes and standards.

Upon a team of talented young engineers internally educated. They are of French or Dutch mother language and all work in English when necessary.

While being watchful upon reducing thermal bridges on façade FIXINOX does not neglect other physical and market targets: Load calculations pertinent to dead load, wind, snow and seismic loads are implemented according to local regulations.

FIXINOX designs systems that can be easily installed under conditions representative of site environment. Since these conditions are full of surprises FIXINOX remains highly flexible in design process and items deliveries in order to meet the requirements.

FIXINOX is a new member of the ECS Association.

We are glad to announce that we had our membership approved by the ECS association.


With over 1.100 employees in twelve countries and more than 20,000 products, HALFEN is one of the most successful manufacturers of concrete anchoring, façade fixing and installation systems in the world. The company offers products and software of the highest quality as well as customised technical solutions via the engineers of its ES (Engineering Support) for all applications relating to precast concrete elements, commercial and residential construction as well as civil engineering, transportation and infrastructure buildings.

HALFEN - Burj Dubai

The brands HALFEN, DEHA and FRIMEDA are among the market leaders. Since its founding in 1929, the company has specialised in innovative, technologically advanced solutions that are tailored to the customer – with the most exacting demands on technology, quality and safety. HALFEN innovations have led the way in the industry, and continue to. The company aims to play a part in shaping progress in the future, too. With that in mind, it invests in research and working with universities.

As an international company, HALFEN is aware of its global and local social responsibility and meets this obligation actively. The company manufactures its products at two production sites in Germany (Langenfeld and Artern) and at a plant in Poland. HALFEN is represented by its national organisations in twelve countries; products are available via distributors in more than 35 countries.


HALFEN - Torre Espacio

Actively shaping the future! That is the company’s primary maxim. With a user-oriented sales organisation, a strong and specialised engineering department, fast and flexible logistics and internationally available products, HALFEN has laid the basic foundations for that.

With its broad product portfolio, which includes the DETAN rod systems, the design possibilities offered by HALFEN are almost limitless.


Hilti provides leading-edge technology to the global construction industry. Hilti products, systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value. The headquarters of the Hilti Group are in Schaan in the Principality of Liechtenstein.


Some 20,000 employees, in more than 120 countries around the world, enthuse their customers and build a better future. The corporate culture is founded on integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment.

Hilti excels through outstanding innovation, top quality, direct customer relations and effective marketing. Two-thirds of the employees work directly for the customer in sales organizations and in engineering, which means a total of more than 200,000 customer contacts every day. Hilti has its own production plants as well as research and development centers in Europe and Asia.

Founded in 1941, the worldwide Hilti Group evolved from a small family company. Since 2000, the Martin Hilti Family Trust holds all shares and, since January 2008, all participation certificates of Hilti Corporation. This safeguards the further development of the company founder Martin Hilti’s life’s work in the long term.


Hilti upholds a clear value orientation and pursues a policy of stakeholder value. Integrating the interests of all the company’s partners – customers, suppliers and employees – into its strategy and actively honoring its social and ecological responsibility creates the foundation of trust that makes possible the long-term success of the company.

Hilti supplies the world’s construction industry with state-of-the-art products, systems and services, which offer construction professionals innovative solutions with superior added value.

The Hilti Group has its headquarters in Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein.



NH Hotels

Individual project solutions and products of the MAX FRANK Group are in demand internationally and can be found in the most diverse types of structure, such as high-rise buildings, bridges, tunnels or infrastructures. Since its foundation MAX FRANK has developed into an integrated building technology supplier. We accompany our customers reliably through every building phase with a technically sophisticated and intensive intermeshing of industrial production, high-quality products and multifaceted services.

Tornado Tower

Added value is generated for our partners through know-how that has grown over the course of half a century, the large number of proven products for concrete and reinforced concrete construction and the technological bandwidth of our business units – spacers, formwork technology, reinforcement technology, sealing technology and building acoustics. It creates components with new functions or greater economy of the work processes on site.

Through its pronounced sense of value and its trustworthy integrity, MAX FRANK knows how to bridge chasms and to win over the different parties for a common agenda. We are assisted in this by our ability to listen attentively and ask the right questions. Questions that penetrate to the core of the task and help to gain new insights and stake off more and more common terrain.



In May 2018 ERICO International Inc. and it brands became part of nVent. The company is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of precision-engineered specialty metal products serving niche markets in a diverse range of electrical, construction, utility and rail applications.

The company is headquartered in Solon, Ohio, USA with a network of sales locations serving more than 30 countries and with manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide. Primary brand names are: CADDY electrical and mechanical fixings, fasteners and supports; LENTON concrete reinforcement products; and ERICO electrical products, which include CADWELD exothermic welded connection products, ERICO rail and industrial products, ERIFLEX low-voltage power distribution products, and ERITECH facility electrical protection products.

A look at LENTON rebar splices around the world:
LENTON has been a pioneer in the development of products for steel-reinforced concrete structures. CADWELD was the first mechanical rebar splice introduced more than 60 years ago. This was followed by the LENTON bolt coupler system, which has revolutionized joining steel-reinforced concrete throughout the world.

LENTON CADWELD – A premier mechanical splice system
LENTON TERMINATOR – A trusted alternative to conventional end anchors

LENTON QUICK WEDGE – Easy-to-use solution for renovation work
LENTON INTERLOK – Helps to improve the structural integrity of precast panels
LENTON Bolt Coupler System – Ideal for in-situ concrete construction
LENTON SPEED SLEEVE – Mechanical splice for compression-only steel reinforcement applications
LENTON FORM SAVER – Eliminates protruding dowels in segmental pour applications
LENTON LOCK – Requires no bar-end preparation by means of shear pins

Today, LENTON offers a wide range of mechanical rebar splices for nearly every application globally. As a specialist in rebar connections, LENTON possesses extensive experience in reinforced concrete construction for a wide range of projects.



A faster, more efficient, and reliable way to design and build means huge gains for all stakeholders. Dedicated design tools and industrial, easy-to-install components make for a better construction process. Peikko’s slim floor structures and connection technology for precast and cast-in-situ applications are primed to boost the performance of your next building project.

Peikko is a family-owned and run company that employs over 1,700 professionals. Peikko was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Lahti, Finland. Today Peikko has subsidiaries in 30 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, with manufacturing operations in 9 countries.

We strive to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction by serving our customers locally with leading solutions in terms of quality, safety, and innovation. Peikko has a clear focus on regularly introducing new, tested innovative solutions and services. That is why our R&D investments are among the highest in the field. Our goal is to influence the building process, from the choice of technical solution through the building phase all the way to the use of the building during its entire life cycle.

Peikko actively participates in standardization work and large international research projects. Peikko conducts more advanced research than it is required by the standards or for product approvals. The goal is to form a comprehensive understanding of how connections and Peikko’s solutions behave. Product testing is made continuously in cooperation with leading research institutes and universities globally.

Find over 600 global Peikko references, technical product information, and free design tools for download on our website at


The PFEIFER Group is an international group of companies and one of Europe’s leaders in wire rope and lifting technology as well as connecting and lifting systems. The origins of PFEIFER can be traced back to 1579.


Under the motto ‘We bring technology into application’, the name PFEIFER stands for a premium programme all over the world. In the field of wire ropes, the product line encompasses crane and elevator ropes, ropes for cable structures, mining, industry and rockfall protection products. The Connecting and Lifting Systems business manufactures technical cast-in elements for lifting, moving, fixing and joining precast concrete elements.


Commodity and capital goods for lifting and moving loads are developed, manufactured and marketed by the Lifting Technology division. PFEIFER has been a valued partner of the precast concrete element industry and a leader in the field of lifting anchor systems for lifting and moving precast concrete elements for almost half a century. Since the early years, the name PFEIFER has been a synonym for threaded anchors in the pre-cast industry. Today, PFEIFER also stands for WK/DR and BS anchor systems as well as a comprehensive, reliable and practical product range for joining and supporting precast concrete elements.


Internationally, the PFEIFER Group is represented in 18 countries by 26 of its own operating companies.


Connecting solutions – powered by PHILIPP

The PHILIPP Group headquartered in Aschaffenburg near Frankfurt, Germany, is a midsized enterprise and operates worldwide as a major manufacturing and trading company successfully. With about 250 employees and international cooperation partners the PHILIPP Group is a leading supplier in the fields of transport and mounting systems for prefabricated building, hydraulics, pneumatics and conveyor equipment as well as load attachment, lifting and lashing technology and rope technology. Numerous patents and property rights give proof of the company’s innovation and high-levelled, technical expertise.

In 40 years of company history the enterprise has been grown to three German locations, its own subsidiaries in Austria, USA and Russia as well as more than 30 international business partners.


Our aims and principles – high demand, customer-orientation and practicality

Our ultimate aim is to ensure the highest-possible satisfaction of our customers providing optimal services and products, which are practical and well-engineered. We meet specific challenges with custom-made solutions.

Use our expertise and experience for your benefit

As a committed companion of progress we set value on preserving the tried-and-tested and integrating successful developed structures into our advancement. We succeed in doing so and today we are proud to be a company that represents exemplary consistency in performance, customer support, quality standards and personal commitment. Amongst others this is also reflected in the TÜV certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Responsible corporate governance

The people at PHILIPP move forward the development of the company. Also in future days this high motivated team will design new and benefit-oriented solutions for our customers. The PHILIPP corporate culture can be characterised by an open and constructive interaction with each other. At the same time, focus is always set on a sustainable development of our company.









PohlCon Vertriebs GmbH

PohlCon is the new central contact partner who bundles the broad product range of the established manufacturing companies PUK Group GmbH & Co. KG, JORDAHL GmbH and H-BAU Technik GmbH. Since January 2019, products and services of the companies are distributed under the common umbrella brand. All three manufacturers are owned by the Pohl family and thus moving even closer together.
In this way, we want to make the world of construction more comfortable. It’s time for a service that thinks with you. We save you time by accompanying your planning as a technical consultant through various trade and construction phases. For day-to-day work in which much becomes easier and for increasing gratification in successful results.


About the manufacturers


JORDAHL connects: Concrete, steel, heavy loads and much more. And of course, numerous customers worldwide who have already opted for the high-quality and individual products of fastening, reinforcement, connection and mounting technology as well as facade connection systems.

JordahlFounded in 1907 as Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft mbH (DKG), JORDAHL has been manufacturing reliable solutions for over 100 years. The portfolio currently includes around 18,000 products. Most of which have European Technical Approvals (ETA) or General Building Approvals.

All customers who do not find what they are looking for in the standard range can rely on the engineers for advice and individual solutions.


H-BAU Technik GmbH

Since 1977 the customers of the concrete and precast construction value the strengths of H-BAU Technik from Klettgau, Germany as a supplier. The company continuously sets standards in construction technology. With passion and competence, the employees ensure that the added value for the customer increases continuously.

H-BauH-BAU proudly looks at the current status of its products and at the same time continuously challenges itself to further improve the areas of sealing, thermal insulation, formwork, sound insulation, reinforcement and connection.

With its product range, H-BAU Technik enriches PohlCon in exactly these areas.


H-BAU Technik works practice-oriented. The dialogue with the customer provides the information necessary for innovative new developments. The employees repeatedly convert current technical trends into products that prove themselves in the dynamic process chain of construction.







Schöck is well known for developing, manufacturing and providing innovative solutions for static engineers, architects and contractors in the construction industry the world over. The core business is focused on preventing thermal breaks and reducing impact noise which naturally adds value to any property; whether industrial or occupier use.


The company’s founder Eberhard Schöck invented the first of the Schöck product family: the Isokorb®, a load-bearing insulation reinforcement element that was the first to prevent thermal bridging in cantilever connections, balconies and canopy roofs in particular. The Isokorb® has been continuously evolving ever since in line with the demands for higher energy saving standards and today there are more than 12,000 standard modules.


Its versatility and ability to be easily installed everywhere makes it the first choice for all types of construction. Schöck’s talents don’t just stop there though; they are trusted suppliers of solutions for impact noise, and other reinforcement areas. The Bole® punching shear range, the dowel systems and the ComBAR® GRP reinforcement program enable state-of-the-art reinforcement solutions to be found all over the world.

But it isn’t just the products that make Schöck the first choice of its clients; it is also the high emphasis on service. All customers from pre-casters to major contractors can take advantage of technical support via the highly qualified AWT application engineering department and Schöck offers seminars, software design programs, a full range of technical documentation all backed up by years of know-how in these fields. The area managers also offer the personal touch with on-site visits from Schöck specialists.

Schöck Bauteile GmbH is part of the Schöck group and has its headquarters in Baden-Baden. Schöck has subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, France, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Canada and the Middle East and a distribution network that covers Europe, the United States, South Korea and Japan.

At the moment Schöck has 550 employees across the world helping to create innovative building solutions for its many satisfied customers.